Model: Cali Koat3d

Measurements: 36-29-52

Beautiful woman love the body. She looks awesome.
Quote Poppy's commment
Poppy at 03:55PM, Feb 28th 2016.
Keep trucking good features!
Quote Eglon's commment
Eglon at 12:28PM, May 7th 2015.
Your body is intoxicating, would love to see and hear more of and about you,
Quote HammHawkins's commment
HammHawkins at 05:19PM, Apr 27th 2015.
She one of da best models aint nobody better than her ass body and face she got it all and more I would to meet her one day I just follow her on instagrame and by da way make all da model make a instagram that would make it easy to fine them
Quote OG DIRTY GREACS's commment
OG DIRTY GREACS at 02:34AM, Apr 15th 2015.
Very nice. Cute too. I'll be checking the net for photos.
Quote Ambush 's commment
Ambush at 12:40AM, Feb 5th 2015.
Pretty Ricky
There is nothing I can say that everyone doesn't already see. Cali Koat3d is truly amazing.The way her soft chocolate skin Shine's and that 52 inch ASS ALIGNS PERFECT WITH THOSE LEGS, SHE IS DEFINITELY A 10 OUT OF 10 IN MY BOOK. YOU HAVE MY VOTE CALI KOAT3D
Quote Pretty Ricky's commment
Pretty Ricky at 06:49PM, Dec 3rd 2014.
Top Cat purveyor of ass

Well you know what can I say? Near big booty perfection here folks. She has delicious chocolate hue to boot. Scrumptious!! I'd rate her a 9 on a big booty scale of 1-10
Quote Top Cat purveyor of ass's commment
Top Cat purveyor of ass at 04:20AM, Nov 14th 2014.
salut moi est un homme cherche une femme
Quote youcef's commment
youcef at 04:30AM, Oct 30th 2014.
BabyBoy needs a BabyGirl
WoW !!

You is True or is this Dream ?!?!
You are a True Babygirl Definitely !!
A True Queen in Perfect Shape
No bad boy
can remain unmoved by your Charm
A Pillar of
This is a matter to follow Closely...
Quote BabyBoy needs a BabyGirl's commment
BabyBoy needs a BabyGirl at 01:38PM, Sep 25th 2014.
Kali has booty for days. I love african women with large booties. I would love to see more of that booty in different angles.
Quote Steve's commment
Steve at 09:11AM, Sep 25th 2014.
Charlie Brown
Dam, absolutely gorgeous woman right there. This site has the best big booty women period.
Quote Charlie Brown's commment
Charlie Brown at 01:07PM, Sep 24th 2014.
Booty Lover
OMG, I love when a booty so big you can see the stretch marks on it. Her butt is perfection, beautiful African Queen.
Quote Booty Lover's commment
Booty Lover at 01:05PM, Sep 24th 2014.
James Wright
Man oh man, that ass is too beautiful. She is chocolate, fine and thick....perfect combination.
Quote James Wright's commment
James Wright at 01:04PM, Sep 24th 2014.

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