Here at we have a strong love and dedication for Big 50 Inch Booties. We make it our business to bring you the Hottest Phattest Asses around. It’s our job and we definitely love what we do! We’re sure you would too…
Even though it may be self explanatory for most of you, some don’t know what this site stands for. 50 Inches Or Better is referring to the measurements around the hips and ass of a woman’s bootyful body. We don’t see how you couldn't have figured that one out… but, it be like that sometimes lol.
I know a lot of you out there wonder if the asses on our models are real. Personally, I do not particularly care for artificial asses. With that being said all of the booties on our site are 100% REAL (as far as we know). And we plan to keep it that way! We hand pick our models like grapes so we should know the real from the fake. We’re not saying there are no bootleg booties out there that’s worth shooting. We’re just saying our preference is the REAL DEAL. Just like some believe you shouldn’t get credit if you use steroids in the Olympics against natural opponents... it's the same here. Since we’re on this subject, we would like to know your thoughts on Real Booties Vs. Bootleg Booties. Please place your vote in our poll below.
We just wanted to give you a lil information about our site. A lot were curious about the site's name and all. As you can see this is not a porn site and probably never will be. This site is dedicated to the fellas, and oh yeah... let’s not forget our ladies that can appreciate tasteful curvy photography celebrating the body of goddesses. We have some models that are comfortable with going HARD with their shoot, but we must all respect that all models are not that free!
So to you BIG BUTT freaks out there, feel free to tell us what you would like to see in our upcoming shoots. Also if you know or have seen a particular 50 inch booty online and would like to see them on our site... Please use the model suggestion box below to submit her info, link or where to find her. We’ll see if we can make that happen for you!!! If she’s someone that you see in the streets, tell her about the site and let her know she fits the description. All she has to do is visit and click “Models Wanted”. Thanks for taking the time out to read and stay tuned! Be safe out there…
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